Who We Are

Edith Healthcare is a family-owned recruitment solutions provider to the healthcare industry. We supply staff and services covering a wide range of services for our clients, under the banner of personalised care.

Our service portfolio extends to cover Nursing, Health Care Support, Home Care, Personal Care, Companionship and Social Care, among others. We have staff who are fully trained and qualified in covering these roles to the highest of standards in every essential area.

We pride ourselves in the fact that our staff are fully dedicated to providing domiciliary care at an exceptional standard with due diligence.

Our Aims

We aim to provide a flexible person centered care plan, this means that when we put together  custom care plan, the client, family, advocate and healthcare professional are all involved to ensure that not only the care plan is personalised but promotes well-being.

Quality care is at the centre of Edith Healthcare’s business goal and we aim to achieve this by ensuring our staff always maintain highest quality and professionalism within the community.


Staffing placements achieved this year alone

Over 17 years’ experience in the Health sector,

You are always in the hands of a professional

As part of our commitment to excellence we ensure that all our staff undergo rigorous training to ensure they are fully equipped and trained to handle the most robust of situations that may occur within their career scope. We have a very strict adherence to the standards set by the governing bodies of the healthcare industry and thus we ensure that all our staff are trained and certified to carry out their role to the best standards and quality. We implement a compulsory training regiment in line with Skills For Care and Common Induction Standards. This ensures that all our clients are attended by staff who are professional, qualified certified to the best of standards.

All our staff are required to attend and pass an intensive Induction Course before commencing or interacting with any of our service users. Clients can rest assured that staff interact with them have been trained inline with their individual healthcare needs.