Edith Healthcare is dedicated to supplying qualified, professional ad-hoc / temporary / permanent recruitment personnel. We have a team of staff that are fully trained and have the relevant experience in the advertised healthcare sectors and are able to provide placements to suit the clients’ requirements. As a business, we aim to remain lucrative and hence there may be a minimum hours requirement although this can be discussed between our Business Managers and the client / Employer to reach an amicable mutual decision that best suits the clients’ needs.

Due to the nature of the healthcare industry and demands for 24/7 care in some sectors, Edith Healthcare is your backup for times when your staff may go off-sick for short-term or long. Our staff are able to step in and adapt to the needs of clients and services users so as to create a continued quality of service for clients. Edith Healthcare staff can also be counted on to fulfill staffing shortfalls during busy periods or unforeseen eventualities.

We guarantee that the staff we provide will be appropriately trained and communication between our clients and us will be second to none. We believe that we are a reliable source for any ‘last minute’ staffing (within reason). We take away the redundancy of having to interview all new candidates as we perennially ensure that we already have staff who can fulfill all aspects of the industry via relevant qualification and relevant experience.

What Can Edith Healthcare Offer?

As part of our commitment to Quality and Excellence we have an in-house audit team who interview, recruit, manage and spot-check our staff to ensure that they are always performing at the highest of standards at all times. The Audit Team also carries out Advanced compliance ICT, manual checks and regular audits for reliability as well as ensuring Health and Safety standards are adhered to.

Registered General Nurses

Health Care Assistant (HCA's)

Health Care Support Workers

Complex Care Registered Nurses

Palliative and End of Life Registered Nurses

Competitive Pricing Rates

As a business we owe it to our director and shareholders to realise a certain profit margin. luckily our shareholders only require a low percentage of profit, this means that we are able to pass this saving onto you – our clients. This means that YOU will find our pricing to be very affordable and very competitive thereby saving you /our client a lot of money in the long run.

Our competitive pricing reflects through the very competent, very well trained staff members, who are equally professionally competitive in the service they provide. Our main aim is to provide evidenced based practice as well as keep clients satisfied about our services.

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